Sales Training

We help you create intriguing conversations that shape buyer agendas for action, by using convincing story and cognitive reframing. Maximize relationship strength with your buyers by implementing insights that shape their thinking, and drives them to want the product or service you are offering.

Sales conversations require a well thought out process that includes your brand visuals and value messaging. VisionSales quantifies your value in a precise and customized presentation that can be used by sales teams to stay consistent or by business development executives to portray an accurate organizational direction.

Our presentation training focuses on the key elements of presentation performance such as preparation, execution and debrief. We teach your team how to create more leads and opportunities by prospecting effectively into new and existing accounts using referrals, tailored value propositions, face to face networking, the phone and social selling techniques.

Learn how to convert more of the right opportunities through effective qualification, influencing, objection handling and closing, while maximizing your margins and profitability through effective negotiation. Retain and grow your accounts through effective account development, cross selling, customer service and relationship building.

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